Crimea Landscapes: Natural Wonders and Ancient Ruins


The Swallow’s Nest castle high on the cliff above the beautiful Black Sea has become an icon for Crimea.  We became curious about what else does Crimea look like, besides a castle? Here are some of what we found; here are amazing natural wonders in Crimea, gorgeous landscapes and seascapes, places with so many caves that they are known as cave towns, as well an ancient ruins that go back to medieval times

last-gnezdo Photo #1 by Maxim Massalitin

Although the Swallow’s Nest castle high on the cliff above the beautiful Black Sea has become an icon for Crimea, Crimea is so much more than a castle or resorts along the Black Sea. Here are some of Crimea’s amazing natural wonders and ancient ruins.

bear-mountain-ayu-dag-in-crimea-a-natural-heritage-site-in-ukraine Photo #2 by Oillin

Bear Mountain (Ayu-Dag) in Crimea. One of 10 Crimean natural places. National Geo listed Crimea as one of the best trips in 2013.

waterfall-at-grand-canyon-of-crimea Photo #3 by Сергій Криниця (Haidamac)

Did you know that Crimea has a Grand Canyon? This is one of the waterfalls in the Crimean Grand Canyon.


On the way to the Crimea Grand Canyon, Uch-Cosh clove. Photo #4 by idlhero

campers-at-fiolent-cape-crimea Photo #5 by dmitryburge

Campers at Fiolent Cape, Crimea. Cape Fiolent is along the Crimean peninsula between Sevastopol to Balaklava. It has volcanic origin and has numerous rocks of varying sizes from stones to minature islands.

the-lost-lighthouse-crimea-ukraine Photo #6 by wind of renovatio. The lost lighthouse, Crimea.

waterfall-in-crimea-ukraine Photo #7 by Irene Mei. A waterfall the photographer called “Jur-Jur” in Crimea.

the-kara-dag-black-mountain-is-a-volcano-on-the-black-sea-in-crimea Photo #8 by Max Bashirov

The Kara Dag (Black Mountain) is a volcano on the Black Sea in Crimea. There is also a Kara Dag Nature Reserve.

golden-gate-natural-arch-karadag-nature-reserve-as-seen-from-the-black-sea Photo #9 by Andrew (polandeze)

Golden Gate natural arch, Karadag nature reserve as seen from the Black Sea. The reserve was created in 1979 to protect Europe’s only Jurassic period rocky shoreline massif. Formations on the reserve came from extinct volcanoes.

crimea-winter-landscape-on-ai-petri-mountain Photo #10 by Irene Mei

Crimean winter landscape, also tagged Ai-Petri, “the most famous mountain” from which to contemplate the beauty of Crimea.

laspy-bay-rocks-dubbed-devil-fingers Photo #11 by Сергій Криниця (Haidamac). Above Laspy Bay, these rocks are called Devil Fingers.

balaklava-bay Photo #12 by Petar Milošević. Massive panorama of Balaklava Bay.

balaklava-underground-formerly-classified-submarine-base-that-was-operational-until-1993 Photo #13 by Kyrylo Kalugin

Balaklava underground was formerly a classified submarine base; it was operational until 1993.

st-vladimirs-cathedral-overlooks-the-extensive-excavations-and-ruins-of-chersonesos-crimea Photo #15 by Dmitry A. Mottl

St. Vladimir’s Cathedral overlooks the extensive excavations and Ruins of Chersonesos, Crimea. Chersonesus “is an ancient Greek colony founded approximately 2,500 years ago in the southwestern part of the Crimean Peninsula. The ancient city is located on the shore of the Black Sea at the outskirts of Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula, where it is referred to as Khersones. It has been nicknamed the ‘Ukrainian Pompeii’ and ‘Russian Troy’.”

cave-on-mt-ay-petri-crimea Cave on Mt. Ay-Petri, Crimea. Photo #16 by thisisbossi

esky-kermen-cave-town-in-crimea-ukraine Esky-Kermen (Eski Kermen) cave town in Crimea was a medieval city-stronghold. Photo #17 by thisisbossi

cave-room-at-mangup-crimea Photo #18 by Nikolai Vassiliev

Both Chufut Kale and Mangup Kale are cave-towns. Kale means “fortress” and Mangup is the biggest cavern fortress on the Crimean peninsula. There are ancient defensive walls, now ruins, still standing in Mangup. There are also caves, some still used as monasteries or temples. The biggest and the most unique cave is “Baraban Koba. There is a column inside it, and if you hit it, it makes a drumming sound.” The photographer called this Mangup shot, “A stone apartment.”

mammoth-bones-in-marble-cave-crimea-ukraine Photo #19 by lizzzka_l4u

Mammoth bones in Marble Cave, Crimea. Although Marble Cave was not named as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Ukraine, it was nevertheless notable enough to be given a hat tip.

chufut-kale-cave-city-crimea-a-fortress-in-the-middle-ages Photo #20 by thisisbossi

Chufut-Kale cave city served as another fortress in the middle ages. There are around 200 caves at Chufut that have been used as shelters, as churches, mosques, and prayer houses over the centuries.

adalary-island-rocks-off-crimea Adalary, island rocks of Gursuf, Crimea. Photo #21 by Сергій Криниця (Haidamac)

looking-toward-yalta-from-the-ridge-kizil-kaya-the-yalta-mountain-nature-reserve Photo #22 by Mevo (Павел Можаев)

Looking toward Yalta from the ridge Kizil-Kaya, the Yalta mountain nature reserve. Yalta is a beautiful resort town along the Black Sea; the town has numerous historically famous and modern attractions.

church-of-christs-resurrection-in-foros-crimea Church of Christ’s Resurrection in Foros, Crimea. Photo #23 by Lexis_2k

black-sea-and-tree-growing-on-the-rocks-of-the-crimean-mountains Black Sea and tree growing on the rocks of the Crimean Mountains. Photo #24 by Fr Maxim Massalitin

parasailing-over-the-amazing-landscape-of-kara-dag-crimea Para-sailing by the Black Sea over the amazing Koktebel Valley landscape. Photo #25 by a’Shioji

cape-martyan-near-nikita-botanical-garden-crimea Photo #26 by Tada008

Cape Martyan, near Nikita Botanical Garden, Crimea. Cape Martyan Reserve consists of 590 acres (240 hectares) divided almost evenly between land and the adjoining Black Sea.

swallows-nest-castle-crimea-ukraine Photo #27 by Fr Maxim Massalitin

Besides these natural wonders, Crimea has incredible architecture and many man-made wonders like the Swallows Nest, a castle built for love, but steeped in sad history.

autumn-waterfall-in-the-forest-of-crimea Autumn waterfall in the forest of Crimea. Photo #28 by Irene Mei

sunlight-and-crimea-mountains-as-seen-from-a-helicopter Sunlight and Crimea mountains as seen from a helicopter. Photo #29 by Vlad Аrchic

view-of-balaklava-as-seen-from-the-genoese-fortress View of Balaklava as seen from the Genoese fortress. Photo #30 by Tomasz Wojtyś

sudak-fortress-crimea Photo #31 by TPG

Genoese fortress in Sudak, Crimea. It was founded in 1371. The fortress was built atop an ancient coral reef formation now located 492 ft (150 m) above sea level.

cow-in-the-ruins-a-small-abandoned-farm-outside-sudak-crimea Photo #32 by Lukasz Kryger

The area around Crimea has seen many wars over the centuries and has many ruins. The photographer wrote, “This photo was taken during a hike nearby Sudak. The hills were gently rounded and the landscape was somewhat similar to that presented in ‘Fallout’ video games (out-of-order gas stations, giant rusted tanks etc., no people at all). We came upon something looking like a small, abandoned farm. The place was so perfectly and precisely ruined it looked almost like a movie set! It seemed that the only inhabitants were this cow and a pig, resting in mud nearby.”

cloudwave-over-khaphal-crimeaCloudwave over Khaphal. Photo #33 by Kyrylo Kalugin

double-rainbow-over-village-tankovoe-bakhchisaray-district-crimea Double rainbow over Village Tankovoe, Bakhchisaray district, Crimea. Photo #34 by Kosun

storm-water-spout-on-the-black-sea Storm, water spout, on the Black Sea. Photo #35 by Sergey Galyonkin

different-perspective-in-crimea-yellow-cable-car-over-yalta-forest Different perspective in Crimea, yellow cable car over Yalta. Photo #36 by Alex Akopyan

the-ring-in-a-crimean-cave “The Ring” — creepy capture in a Crimean cave. Photo #37 by Anton Bielousov

crimea-lighthouse-at-dawn Photo #38 by Anton Bielousov

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