EU foreign affairs chief ready to DEFY Trump and pursue ‘strong’ position against Russia


THE EU is ready to defy Donald Trump and risk further inflaming tensions with Russia, the EU’s foreign policy chief has warned.
It is widely anticipated President-elect Trump will seek to create closer ties with Moscow having frequently spoken favourably about Vladimir Putin during his election campaign.

This goes against the line towards Russia taking by the European Union and most Western nations – leading to fears of increased military aggression across Europe.

Speaking on Sunday after meeting with EU Foreign Ministers, Federica Mogherini said: “You know, the European Union has a very principled position on the illegal annexation of Crimea and the situation in Ukraine.

“This is not going to change, regardless of possible shifts in others’ policies.

“I see the need for the Europeans to strengthen their defence and security agenda and cooperation, regardless of the changes in the administration in the United States.”

The decision of Brussels chiefs to organise the emergency summit over Donald Trump’s election has been described as “hysterical” and “stupid”.

On Monday, EU foreign ministers will discuss plans to boost European defence cooperation, including a proposed European military headquarters – which critics say is the first step towards an EU army.

Ms Mogherini said relations between the Kremlin and Brussels are not “black and white” and the EU was pursuing “constructive but also selective engagement” with Russia.

She added: “There is a strong principled position especially on Ukraine and on the other conflicts that we have to our east and our attention to our eastern partners is going to stay and stay strong.”


Author: Редакция Avdet