Mansur Suleyman: Crimean Tatars on a Path of Great Changes


At times we hear quiet, uncertain voices of some of our compatriots: “We are a small nation”, “We have been and are being oppressed”, “We are not given a right to speak”, “We are not needed by anyone”, “What can we do?” … Maybe you might have heard something like this too. Such thoughts, just like a scorpion venom, paralyze consciousness, will and dreams – ones of an individual, as well as ones of a whole nation. The choice of who one is and who to be is always made by a person itself.

We live in an age when it is possible for one person “to change the world”, “to win over millions of people” using Facebook, Apple or Google. And someone still says that the whole nation, the descendants of the great Giray dynasty, the heirs of Ismail Gasprinsky and Noman Çelebicihan, are somehow a small nation?

The time has come for the greatest transformations. Today, something small can become great overnight, and a great one can become small. The world, which has become a tangle of socio-economic and spiritually-psychological issues, suffocates from the spasm of unresolved issues. And the solution for many important tasks can be found it the field of humanities, simultaneously with spiritual and moral development. The key to the solution of these issues is in our hands – hands of a nation that has been formed as a result of harmonious synthesis between two civilizations – the East and the West. Today we have a chance to take a worthy place among the nations of the world community, and not with a begging but a giving hand!

What do we do? We have to start from the simplest task, we have to unite science and business! Imagine that all of us – from a teacher to a public figure, from a businessman to a scientist – will engage in the upbringing of the future generation. Imagine that we will find, grow and educate several geniuses, such as Ismail Gasprinsky, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. Is there anyone who thinks that this

is impossible and hopeless?

We have to unite business and science – this is what was done by the Western world in its time!

If this idea will be brought to life and realized, our teachers and scientists will be successful and self-sufficient, and entrepreneurs will be able to set great goals, bring big ideas and think globally outside of the world of only economy and business. Our intellectuals will be able to think with a global perspective, and such thinking allows to create projects of international importance and bring them into reality.

A nation that does not have a national thought, idea and business can only be a herd, merely a toy in the hands of their shepherds. There can be millionaires and even billionaires in such herd, but there will not be a culture of national entrepreneurship and nation’s own values. Such entrepreneurs are like dry leaves in the wind in autumn weather.

And a nation that does not spare money, time and resources for educating and bringing up future scientists, thinkers and leaders has every chance for a great future!

And as we allocate funds for food, education and development of our children, we also have to allocate funds for national science, school and thought. For if we do not train scientists and specialists worthy of the 21st century, we will not be able to catch up with the world and will be doomed to walk with a begging hand.

Being an oligarch or a scientist of a nation that wanders with a begging hand doesn’t do honor to anybody.

Clear and achievable goal we have to move forward to, step by step, which has to be repeated as a mantra, is:
to bring up at all costs a dozen of highly moral intellectuals in the field of searching solutions for socio-economic and spiritually-psychological issues of mankind,  who are ready to challenge the 21st century!

If we do this the rest will be done by them…