Does Crimean-Tatars have a National Idea?


Do we have a national idea? Yes, we do! A national idea is a form of expression of the main problem facing the nation. It is expressed to the extent that representatives of the nation understand it as a problem. It is a problem that includes the present and perspective. For Crimean-Tatars, this is the idea of statehood. More than two hundred years since the insidious seizure of Crimea by Russia (it deceived the allies, violated the international treaty on the independence of Crimea), the Crimean-Tatars have the problem of reviving their statehood. The history of the practical implementation of the idea of creating statehood is associated with notable events in the Russian and Soviet empires. The initial-first period covers the first half of the 19TH century until the Crimean War 1854-1855, launched a mass forced immigration of Crimean-Tatars.

The second period includes the activities of Ismail Gasprinsky, the participation of Crimean Tatars in the liberal and revolutionary movement in Russia, attempt to create statehood in 1917. (Kurultai), Bolshevik coup, the creation of the CASSR(Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic), the Second World War and ends with the deportation (genocide) of the Crimean people.

The third period of the practical implementation of the idea of ​​statehood begins in the second half of the fifties of the 20th century with the emergence of the National Movement for Return to Homeland. It includes the mass exodus of the Crimean battalion from the places of deportation to the Crimea, the creation of the Second Kurultay and the adoption of the Declaration on the right to sovereignty. This period ends with the so-called recreation of the KASSR, the collapse of the USSR, the proclamation of the Republic of Crimea ( Y. Meshkov ), and its transformation into the ARC(Autonomous Crimean Republic)  on a territorial basis.

The fourth period began with the participation of the Crimean leader in the elections to the Supreme Council of the ARC-1994, the entry of representatives of our people into the power structures of the autonomy. Events here were also the recognition of Kurultay and Mejlis by the President of Ukraine. 
We had entered a period when the question arose of choosing a direction for the development of a nation. The closest is the dangerous opportunity to gain cultural autonomy and the equally unacceptable development of “bazaar” psychology.

We ask to give us statehood. Forms of petitions are different: appeals, petitions, resolutions of meetings, meetings and demonstrations, drafting various laws, concepts for rehabilitation, et cetera.

All of this is good and necessary. However, it is not enough to determine the platform for the further practical implementation of the idea of ​​statehood. 
In the absence of statehood in the life support system of a nation, the need arises to develop statehood on its existing basis and is compensated exclusively for:

a) a high level of national consciousness (understanding of the need for certain national bodies );

b ) a high level of self-organisation (Kurultay, Majlis, political parties, public organisations, i.e., the presence of stable self-regulating structures) following the change in the general situation around the nation.

In the recent period of development of the national movement, due to the impossibility of solving the nationwide problem through requests from the state, we will need to continue to create non-state life support systems, including such self-regulating structures as financial-operating based on a voluntary monthly contribution. We would not have had to remain in vain expectations of assistance on some forbidden articles. We will have the means to create our national budget, as well as a public judicial structure based on the existing international and Ukrainian jurisprudence and popular traditions (not to be confused with religious ones).

A public court must be built on several principles derived from the social philosophy of being, and it is not necessary to be called Qadiyat. This mechanism should be introduced and made not suddenly, but as the national consciousness grows and is ready to accept such ideas by the majority of the nation. You need to be very careful not to throw out the water alongside the baby.

In a series of nationwide events that need to be immediately implemented, the mission is to change and correctly spell names and surnames by centuries-old traditions as well as the rejection of the Russified spelling of names, the definition of the introduction of the national form of construction and spelling of names and surnames, which will be an essential step in the growth of national consciousness and unity.
In my opinion, these are just some of the mechanisms for the practical implementation of the national idea of ​​statehood, which has a real basis in many areas of public life.

If we are not given what is rightfully owned (I mean statehood), then we should build it ourselves, gradually using and relying on the available possibilities (spiritual and physical) — at the same time becoming a subject of Ukrainian and international politics, which should show our will and ability to have statehood.


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Author: Редакция Avdet