What is the price of life?


After recent events on Crimean Peninsular Crimea in “Criminal Chronicle” articles more and more “dash 90th” were mentioned. In this regard, Crimea was always an outstanding region because the biggest criminal gangs acted here and some results of which we can still observe nowadays. That is why it is so reasonable to ask whether these dash 90th had stopped or not.

At least let’s remind the latest headlines: the brutal murder of Reshat Ametov that is still a mystery; people vanishing into thin air; bold kidnapping of Ervin Ibragimov and other representatives of Crimean Tatars we still don’t know anything about. And what about the cold-blooded murder of young Crimean Tatar women and her little son in their own house in Davidovka last year? Do you remember smash and grab in Belogorskiy district victim of which was a family consisted of women and children? During the last five years there is an atmosphere of insecurity and fear in Crimea. Recent events that stirred up all the peninsular and particularly Crimean Tatars imply a bed idea: terrible finding in the Black Sea after a storm, it was a headless body of Rashid Yagyayev and after that cold-blooded murder of 38 year-old Fakhry Mustafaev. He was a son of Mustafa Mustafaev – delegate of Kurultay and famous activist of Bahchisaray. Fakhry’s life ended abruptly. On July 10th, somebody called him early in the morning. He dressed up quickly and said to his family that he was going to Simferopol on his business. Thirty minutes later he didn’t answer his phone. The next day a news about his missing was shared via all social networks. In the light of the latest events with  Rashid Yagyayev who also disappeared in April that year all the members of Fakhry’s family tried not to think about the worse. Unfortunately, their worst fears became true. The next day he was found dead with the singes of violence. Fakhry’s body was buried in a wooded area in Aromatnoe village in Bahchisaray district.

A man suspected of violent murder was caught one day later. Police informed that it was a 37 year-old citizen of Bahchisaray district . As it turned out that young, strong man and father of three young children Fakhry Mustafaev was killed because of a debt. According to the information given by acquaintances of the victim, Fakhry had some issues that he wanted to solve through an intermediary. Last year Fakhry gave him some amount of money but problem hadn’t been solved. Money also weren’t returned. As a result those days they met and Fakhry Mustafaev was killed.According to sources three people were involved into the murder. Also it was reported by a police that Fakhry died as a result of a gunshot. The accused confessed to murder and said that after he had killed him he hid the body in a pit and threw rocks on it to cover the corpse. Also he asked somebody to drive Fakhry’s car off to other district. The day of funeral it was raining heavily but despite on it hundreds of people came to see Fakhry to his final journey. We can only imagine how grief-stricken his family is and how they wish they could turn back time. They would never let him go and would persuade him not to take that money back because human’s life is much more important and no money is worth tears shed by mothers and children. 

Author: Редакция Avdet