In Kezlev presented an artbook TOY. SEVGI ARFESI


On September 5, in Kezlev (Yevpatoriya), the presentation of the artbook “TOY. SEVGI ARFESI (“Wedding. The threshold of love”), dedicated to the wedding ceremonies and traditions of the Crimean Tatar people… The publication was published under the leadership of Dilyara Yakubova.

The team that created the book was made up of famous photographers (Lenyara Abibulaeva, Reshat Aliyev, Akhtem Useinov, Girey Yakubov, and Smail Tantana). Costumes for photoshoots were developed by Maira Luman, and Eldar Gusenov and Feride Kurtmamedova worked on the design of the artbook. The photographs depict family heirlooms, including those in private collections and in the collection of the Jeval ethno-complex.

The shooting took place in various parts of the Crimea: Kezlev, Sudak, Bakhchisarai, and the environs of Karasubazar (Belogorsk).

“We tried to build a bridge through the book into the past, and build steps from the past to the future,” said the author of the project, Dilyara Yakubova.

Author: Редакция Avdet