Arthur Ziyatdinov won another battle


The Crimean Tatar boxer of the first heavy division Artur Ziyatdinov won his eleventh fight.

“Glory to the Almighty! 11th win. As expected, the opponent showed that he could, and the fight turned out spectacular, got a good experience, I thank each of you for your invaluable support! Together we are strong! Strength in unity! ”He wrote.

His rival was American Darnell Boone, who is called the most experienced and unyielding boxer.

The first round was spent into reconnaissance, where Arthur occasionally pressed his opponent and loaded him with classic deuces. In the 2nd round, Arthur began to build up his advantage and was able to knock him down with the right straight to Boone’s head, after which he did not force events and calmly shot Darnell from a distance. 

At the end of the 3rd round, Arthur was again able to shock Bun, but did not have time – the gong saved the American. In the 4th round, Arthur again went on the attack and, having missed a shot in the head, abruptly complained to his right eye that the referee had ignored and despite this, he squinted in pain and continued to fight. After the second half of the 8-round confrontation becomes more equal. Boone felt that Arthur was uncomfortable and was no longer acting as at the start of the battle, but that was not enough.

As a result, the battle lasted for all eight rounds allotted and, according to its results, all three judges gave victory to Ziyatdinov.

Arthur Ziyatdinov is a pupil of the Crimean Boxing Academy named after Sergey Lapin; absolute world champion Alexander Usik also graduated it. He had six fights on a professional level. He won all, five of them by knockout. No. 154 of the world ranking in 1st heavyweight. Arthur lives and trains in Canada under the auspices of the promotion company Eye of the Tiger Management.

We will remind that earlier Arthur Ziyatdinov entered the hundred world ranking of Cruzerweight boxers (first heavyweight).

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