The fish apocalypse


People have been arguing about the routes of the name of Balaklava city for a long time. One of the most widespread versions is connected with the Crimean Tatar word “baliq” (“fish”). And it’s true because fishing in Balaklava bay can be so enjoyable. But sometimes the amount of fish was increasing so much that it could become a real problem for the dwellers of that place.

For example, in 1859 the mass influx of the hamsa into Balaklava bay turned into a real disaster: because of the onslaught of the fish coming in the bay, the rest just could not turn back. The bay was becoming overfilled by the fish so much that people couldn’t see the water. So, a lot of fish started coming out of the water and even the cancers were leaving it. After that, a lot of fish started rotting and the bay turned into the place with an awful smell. It smelled so much that even silver things started turning dark. People were gathering all died fish from shallow areas of the bay and buried it to the ground. After that people used it as fertilizer for their fields. Nevertheless, they couldn’t manage that process of decomposing of the fish. During all the year that unbearable smell was in the air all around Balaklava.

Almost the same story happened in 1867 but with less serious consequences. So, it’s almost impossible no to believe in the story connected with Crimean Tatar routes of the name of Balaklava! It’s a fishing spot by any stretch.

Ayshe Yunus

Author: Редакция Avdet