The morning begins with… parents


Parents have always been respected in Crimean Tatar families. Also, they have always been patriarchal (but, unfortunately, nowadays it can be seen very seldom). Our reader Ridvan Ibraimov told us about the household life of his great grandfather Abibulla and great grandmother Fazile (you can see them on the photo).

They got married in the 1930s. After the wedding, Fazile left her native village Yandzhu and moved to the place of her husband in Foti-Sala. Eight children were born in their family but only five of them survived: Nadzhie, Osman, Ruslan, Yusuf ve Ismet. The oldest one died of starvation during the deportation, two youngest ones passed away because of different illnesses in Namangan region. Abibulla qartbaba (grandfather) and Fazile bita’s (grandmother’s)  family was marked by a spirit of respect for elders. The wife had always been referring to her husband using “you” (in plural). Nobody could talk back to the leader of the family. Children were kissing their parent’s hands.

Abibulla qartbaba and Fazile bita had been living with their youngest son named Ismet. Every morning their adult sons were gathering at father’s house to receive the blessing of the parents for their deeds. They were spinning the degirmen (grinder) in turns and while drinking a coffee were discussing their own problems and plans for the day. In the end, they were praying. It was their everyday habit. Abibulla qartbaba died in the foreign place at the end of 1980s without seeing his native Crimea any more.  Fazile bita was luckier to live her last several years on her Motherland. She died in 2001 having managed to nurse her elder great-great-grandson.

Ayshe Yunus

Author: Редакция Avdet