One incident at the bus station in Yevpatoriya


This story was told by one of my relatives. He has to travel from Yevpatoriya to Saki for a business. He had a document that allowed him to get a ticket for free travel on regular commuter routes. The name of that document is “The license for the right to social support measures for rehabilitated persons and persons affected by political repressions”.

But a cashier refused to give him a ticket by referring to the fact that such documents didn’t provide him with some kind of benefit. Only after appealing to the chief of the bus station the cashier gave him a ticket. The same incident took place in Simferopol at the railway station. Here a person was refused to get a free ticket on a train. These officials directly violated paragraphs 7 and 8 of the Law of the Republic of Crimea № 218 dated by 17.02.2016. At the same time, the cashier showed some letter from his governor that was forbidding selling the tickets for free.

In light of what is said, I can admit that some cashiers haven’t been instructed about their duties and try to construe laws according to their opinion. The second point – there might be an implicit requirement for cashiers to refuse privileges. In another case how could these cashiers have some direct letters from their governors? It is interesting whether the Republican Ministry of Transport knows about it?

S. Osmanov

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Author: Редакция Avdet