CANLI Radio launched a new project in the format of video lessons


CANLI Radio presented one more interesting and cognitive project in Crimea. It’s held as media lectures regarding the cultural heritage of Crimea.

All popular science lectures in the sphere of history, religion, cultural heritage will be conducted by specialists and famous scientists. Each lecture is going to be as one lesson according to a precise topic. That’s why the name of the project is DERS ( in Crimean Tatar language it means “lesson”).

Each weekend one more new lecture is going to be presented at 10 am. The first several lectures have already been presented. Ph.D. in Political Science  Elmira Muratova told briefly about the evolution of Islam in Crimea. The project can be found on the YouTube channel and everyone can listen to it as podcasts on CANLI Radio accounts and on SoundCloud and Mixcloud. 

Author: Редакция Avdet