Master of the brush Abib Ismailov


To take a breath of fresh art, to feel the warmth of Samarkand spring in the middle of December freezing days – it is possible in the art gallery “Chorsu”. Here you can observe a personal exhibition of the oldest artist Abib Ismailov called ” Blue domes of Samarkand. It will last for a month.

There are about a hundred works of different years at the vernissage. Mostly, these are landscapes that Abib-aka was righting from real life. That’s why all of the pictures are filled up with that nacked freshness that is possible to be depicted from real nature only. 

The mountains of Agalik and Amankutan, blooming gardens and cotton fields,  twisting streets in the villages and historical monuments of Samarkand painted in oil, watercolor, masseur, pastel – an odd number of times they were depicted by different painters! But attentive look and loving heart will always find something new, trembling, which comes from the depths of man and nature.

-I like nature, there you can find whatever the painter wants, there is no need to invent anything extra, -will say Abib Ismailov. – My creative motto is: to describe the beauty of the surrounding world, to show the connection between land and air, flora and fauna, the inner world of a man. This motto was created by the life of 80-year-old painter Abib Ismailov. Being a five-year-old boy he became a victim of deportation of Crimean Tatars from their Motherland. He saw his younger brother dying from starvation, after that his grandfather passed away. “Those years we were left in the Fergana district and managed to survive eating only onion and garlic. I hate both since then – says the painter. Physically we survived with the help of tart vegetables. But not to stuck in the spiritual poverty I could by means of reading books and drawing”. 

All the works of Abib Ismailov could be distinguished by their livelihood. Even Shahi-zinda would appear to be the necropolis where a lot of nobles had found the last shelter, but under the brush of Ismailov, it didn’t become a mere cemetery that imposes sad memories and imposes silence. No. Abib Ismailov does not spare bright colors and light, on his pictures Shahi-zinda is a celebration of a spirit, eternity and beauty, where there is no place for despondency.

For reference

Abib Ismailov was born in Chagatay village of Ak-Mechet district in Crimean ASSR on 25th November 1939. In 1958-1962 he was studying in art college named by P. Benkov in Tashkent. He was a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. Permanent participant of republican and city exhibitions.

His first personal exhibition was held in 1989 in the Gallery named by Ilyich in Pastdargom district of Samarkand region. 

In 1999 his anniversary exhibition took place in Samarkand institute of the foreign language. 

In 2013 Abib Ismailov’s “Springs of Zaravshan” personal exhibition was held at the Gallery “Aysel”.

Nowadays Ismailov lives and works in Samarkand. His pictures (landscapes and portraits) are in Samarkand museum of history and culture and also in private galleries of Russia, Germany, Japan, the Check Republic, Spain, and Bulgaria. 

Anastasiya PAVLENKO

Author: Редакция Avdet