The name that never fade away. Dedicated to the 100 anniversary of Shevket Mamutov


The republican library by Ismail Gasprinskiy held a prominent event devoted to 100 anniversary of a talented artist and dancer of “Khaytarma” ensemble Shevket Mamutov. The evening was started by the leader methodologist of the library Elmaz Velieva. She briefly told about Shevket Mamutov’s creativity. There were several artists in the hall who was lucky to share the stage with that talented dancer. Among them were a famous composer and singer Fevzi Aliyev, an actor of Crimean Tatar theatre Rasim Yunusov, a soloist of the ensemble since its foundation Leniyar Yakubova. The artists told about the creation of Khaytarma and its outstanding participants.

The establishment of the Crimean Tatar ensemble – it was a significant event! After a decade and a half of national neglect, our national ensemble was revived at the State level. It was quite interesting to listen to the performance of a famous dancer, ballet master, and the head of the children’s ensemble called “Teselli” Munir Ablayev. He said that because of the significant difference in age he wasn’t honored to dance with Shevket Mamutov on one stage but the master was always an example and a model of excellence to be followed for everyone. Munir Ablayev was sorry to note that nowadays the Crimean Tatar national dance started having some similarities to Caucasus one. The same can be observed in songs. According to his words, we must take care of our national heritage and save it in the same shape as it left after our famous dancers: Shevket Mamutov, Akim Dzhemilev, Refat Asanov, and others.

Children of Shevket Mamutov Fatime and Riza Mamutov shared their memories connected with father. They mentioned some organizing abilities of him. Shevket Mamutov had the talent to communicate with ordinary people and at the same time, he could find a common language with high officials.

After the deportation, he with all the relatives appeared in Begovat city, Uzbekistan. During two months he managed to organize a creative team that started touring with the concerts in towns and villages around there. Childer of Shevket aga even has his labor book and there is a record that he was the leader of the ensemble. Several years later when Shevket Mamutov with his family moved to Yangiyul, where he also organized a theatre team consisted of famous actors of the prewar Crimean Tatar theatre. 

There on the event, everybody could observe old posters of the ensemble’s concerts of the late 50s. Everybody who had ever a chance to meet with Shevket-aga noted his soft character, his invincibility at home, and his sense of humor. In those times it helped a lot. 

Owing to circumstances Shevket Mamutov didn’t graduate any school of dance, but he was an owner of original talent and endless energy in reaching his goals. Thanks to this he studied the dances of different nationalities. But one of his best dances was the Caucasian one called “Lezgin”. Here I would like to cite one episode from his biography. In 1961 the “Khaytarma” ensemble was touring around the Caucasus. After the final concert in Baku Shevket-aga managed to contact the director of Sukhuni Philarmonic and agreed on holding a concert there. 

In those times his sibling was living in the capital of Abkhazia. The concert was a great success. the “Lezgin” was announced: Shevket-aga flew out from behind the curtain, jumped into the middle of the stage and landed on the other end of it on his knees. Such a beginning has brought spectators and especially local audiences (Abkhaz, Georgians, Adjarans) into indescribable delight! The audience stood up and began to applaud the artist in the stroke throughout the dance. Something incredible was going on and the artist had to return on the stage again and again. After the concert, the dancer was almost covered by flowers. The director of Sukhum Philarmonic said the next words:” “The ‘Lezgin” is our national dance and nobody before you have danced it better, we’ve never seen such amount of flowers on this stage before!”. The next day local newspaper published a huge flattering article dedicated to our ensemble. What can be better than the appreciation of native spectators? 

So, Shevket Mamutov was a very talented dancer.

There were also young dancers on that evening in the library and they demonstrated all their skills in national Crimean Tatar dances. It should be mentioned that their performances also caused the delight among the audience. We have a brilliant youth who can continue the genuine traditions of our older generation. The author of the article also had an opportunity to meet with Shevket-aga. He was easy to communicate with, had a good sense of humor and was joking almost all the time. 

This event took place in a relaxed atmosphere and everybody was satisfied by the organization that became possible with the help of library staff and children of Shevket Mamutov. I wish we had more events like that!


Author: Редакция Avdet