The first Crimean Tatar series was presented in Simferopol


The first Crimean Tatar sitcom “Shamatali Qoranta” (“The Loud Family”) was produced by Qaradeniz production. 

The closed pre-premiere screening took place in Sarabuz hall in the presence of all the actors, a film crew and guests. The spectators have seen the first two parts which told about the life of an ordinary Crimean Tatar family. 

Filming of the first Crimean Tatar series was started in September last year. In the center of the plot is a family that welcomes their guests: grandmother and grandfather (Gulnara Plandzhieva and Eshref Yagyaev). A film director is well-known to almost all the Crimean Tatars Dlyaver Dvadzhiev who has already created the film-fairy tale called “Hidir Dede” and a number of humorous sketches. Among the professional and skillful actors (Gulnara Plandzhieva, Lemara Dzhelilova, Eshref Yagyaev), there also were kids. The resident of the comedy-show ” Qirimda Yasha” Suleyman Umerov was also the head writer. 

The first Crimean Tatar sitcom can be seen on Q-TV You-Tube channel. Every other new part will be shown at 8 pm at weekends. 

Author: Редакция Avdet