Ramiz Netovkin


Ramiz Netovkin was born in 1960 in Almazar village in Tashkent region. Since 1975 he had been living in Crimea (in Belogorsk), in 1980 he graduated Simferopol Art College by N.S. Samokish. He is an owner of the prize by Bekir Choban-zade in category ” For the best work reflecting the past, the present and the future of Karasubazar” and for the album called “Karasubazar neighborhood”. Since 1983 he was an active participant of different regional, republican and foreign exhibitions. His personal shows took place in Simferopol, Bakhchisaray, Yevpatoriya, Alushta, Moskow, Tartu (Estonia), Warsow, Lublin (Poland), New York, Kastamonu (Turkey). In 1989 Ramiz Netovkin became a member of the Union or artist of the USSR, he is an Honored artist of Crimea. His works can be found in private collections of Crimea, the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Turkey, China. The master passed away in 2011 and was buried in Karasubazar.

Ramiz Netovkin was a master of strokes and lines, experienced by the best Crimean Art School. All his works were dedicated to genres of landscape and to Crimea, its past and present. He had a special style of painting that for sure can be called a “Crimean Style”. The main message of his pictures is sad happiness after coming back home to Motherland, and tragic impossibility to return what has been lost forever. Depicting all the features of the old days that are disappearing very fast, the painter shows his thoughts, feelings to the historical past of Bakhchisaray using the live and metaphorical language of art. Bakhchisaray wasn’t only a hometown for the artist (his roots from the mother’s side are coming from Eski-Yurt (nowadays it’s Podgornaya street), but also it was a place where he could find a fresh source of the inspiration. All the landscapes by Ramiz Netovkin were very precise and similar to the original view. Wherever he’d gone, he used to study that place very carefully: medieval streets, houses adapted to the concrete relief, bizarre rocks, domes of mausoleum-durbe. Delighted, trembling, sad and sorrowful attitude to the past of Bakhchisaray can be seen on his graphic sheets such as “Fabulous Bakhchisaray”, “Nostalgiya”, “Nearby the old walls”, “The stairs of Bakhchisaray”, ” Parent’s house in Eski-Yurt“. Lyrical characters of R.Netovkinworks such as ” Bakhchisaray in summer”, The Khan palace”, “The lane”, “The bridge near Churuk-su” from the very beginning seem to be very light, aerial, covered by clear air, they connected with his land, this land and destiny are hidden there…” 

The painter expresses himself free, relaxed and eloquently in those refined watercolors. All the works of the master have a deep meaning bearing in them a profound emotional and philosophical beginning. They attract us by the mysterious silence and provide by the feeling of calmness and satisfaction from the contemplation of beauty. 

Author: Редакция Avdet