Seitmemet Yakubov


Seitmemet Yakubov (1938-2012) – a ceramist.

He was born in 1938 in Kuchuk Ozenbash village (nowadays called Mnogorechye), Kuybishev district of former Crimean ASSR. He was deported from there in 1944 into Shirokiye Luga village Kologriv district of Kostromskaya oblast. In 1956 moved to Kibray town in Tashkent oblast where he had been studying at night-school and working. After graduation of secondary school in 1967, he entered the Republican Art School named by P. Benkov (in Tashkent). After graduation from the art and pedagogical department, he worked as an executive of the art studio at the House of Pioneers of Kibray town. In1973 Seytmemet Yakubov applied for a job at Tashkent Theatre and Art Institute named by Ostrovskiy at the department of art pottery. In 1978 he got to work at Tashkent experimental and creative factory of arts and crafts where he worked as an artist of small print runs and original ceramics. Since 1988 Seitmemet Yakubov was a member of the Union of the USSR and in 1993 – became a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. He took past at All-union and Republican Exhibitions. After coming back to Crimea in 1990 Seitmemet Yakubov became a participant of Simferopol City Exhibitions. 

This artist had been reviving centuries-old traditions of Crimean Tatar craftsmen. His artworks were decorating public buildings and exhibited at international shows. In his works, the ceramist reflected a profound philosophical view of the world. The decorative composition called «Planet Earth» creates interesting objects in its execution – decorative china and chamotte dishes, and decorative vases. Some works of Seitmemet Yakubov (for example his plastic composition called “Ships of dessert” are held in the collections of the Crimean Tatar Museum of Art.

Author: Редакция Avdet