Tover Dvadzhiev: “Film Award is My Dream”


A clip for the most famous Crimean Tatar song “Hey Guzel Qyrym!” (Beautiful Crimea) produced by Qaradeniz production. So the director of this work is the young and talented Crimean Tatar Dlyaver Dvadzhiev. To the present date, a clip was wantched more than 800 thousand times on YouTube. These are not millions but in percentage rate a very good indicator for the Crimean Tatar product.

Another well-known composition “Milliy Bairak” (author Zore Kadieva) is the work of the same director. Dlyaver Dvadzhiev works with various artists and shot a dozen clips.

Last year, Dlyaver acted as the director of the first Crimean Tatar fairytale movie “Khadir Dede”, which, by the way, was in the Crimean and Kyiv cinemas. Currently, ongoing work is underway on the Crimean Tatar series “Shamataly Qoranta” (Noisy Family). Add here a lot of sketches that the audience loved, promotional videos with his emphasis, and another no less iconic products of Dvadzhiev.

It is no secret that the heroes of his works have already gained popularity among the people, and the director himself remains in the shadow in terms of recognition. I asked Dlyaver about his attitude to this circumstance:

– There was a situation when strangers met the guys, they enthusiastically questioned them, and about me, they simply asked: “Who are you?” Not that it was unpleasant, but it is clear that every creative person has a certain vanity. And on the other hand, you understand that you are a director and you are behind the scenes. You immediately program yourself for this – that you are the person who is behind, the society does not know you, you do not go to the masses, and you will never earn such popularity in this profession.

It hurts at the beginning, but then you get used to the fact that you are the person who should create them (actors) and their popularity sometimes depends on you to a certain extent. Sometimes it seems that if you invest more in your work, people will learn more about these guys.

To the question of how he relates to criticism, Dlyaver answers:
– It’s cool, it’s some kind of adrenaline, it is needed. The more a person criticizes, the more I want to create. He tells me: “stop doing this,” but I want to do it more. If there are no such people, then there will be a problem. It is motivation.

Dlyaver does not hide that his dream is a significant award in the field of cinema:
– It would be too exaggerated if I said that this is my goal -. Yes, it’s my dream because the movie is a specific exam of all your work done.


Dlyaver Dvadzhiev – 34 years old. Graduated from Taurida National University in Simferopol, faculty of “Radiophysics and Electronics”. He worked as a physics teacher for four years. Then radically changed the scope of activity. Dlyaver engaged in camera work. First, he shot weddings and then got a job at the first Crimean Tatar television channel ATR. There he went from operator to head of the ATR production studio. In 2015, the television company did not receive a license from Roskomnadzor and was forced to move to Kyiv, Dvadzhiev and his family remained in Crimea. 

For the past three years, Dlyaver has been working as a director at the Qaradeniz Crimean Tatar production studio and engaged in the filming of music videos and sketches. Among his works is a clip for the famous Crimean Tatar song “Guzel Qyrym”, as well as the shooting of the first Crimean Tatar fairytale movie “Hıdır Dede”. Now Dvadzhiev is working on the filming of the first Crimean Tatar television series “Shamataly Qoranta” (Noisy Family).


Author: Редакция Avdet