Discoveries of Ayshe Yunus: Oraza without cosmetics


Married Crimean Tatar women were not wearing any makeup during the month of Ramadan. Polish writer Edmund Hoetskiy visited Crimea in the 19th century, noted that women whose husbands “took the abstinence pledge”did not use any «parges or ointments». According to Hoetskiy, usually, all married Crimean Tatar women were “painting eyebrows and eyelashes in black, face in white and red, nails on hands and feet as well as their heels in deep-yellow”. In doing so, all of them “like jewelry and various women’s decorations”. 

Polish writer was fascinated by the beauty of Crimean Tatar women. ” Tatar women, as far as it’s possible to see, are amazing, with black hair, big dark eyes that are sparkling like pieces of the coal under their white coverings”

Married women cut braids and twist their heads with a white handkerchief, whose ends are hanging to their knees. Girls braid their hair into countless tiny pigtails and scatter them on the shoulders. They put a little hat on their heads or wear a red one that is covered by golden or silver coins”.

Author: Редакция Avdet