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A well-known historian, TV presenter, author of numerous historical articles on the Crimean Khanate, published, including on the pages of the Avdet newspaper, Gulnara Abdulaeva is going to publish a popular science monograph “Crimean Tatars: from Ethnogenesis to Statehood”.

The publication, with a volume of more than 400 pages, is waiting in the wings to go to the publisher, but at this stage, support is needed from all who care. To publish a book with a circulation of 2 thousand copies, you need to collect 183 thousand hryvnias.

»Many people know about the Crimean Tatars – the indigenous people of Crimea in the modern world. But still, seemingly simple questions arise: How did they form? Is only Crimea truly their ethnic homeland? And in the end, what is their feature? As an author, I would like to tell the reader how Crimean Tatars became Crimean Tatars. Who participated in the formation of the ethnic and influenced their traits? In what period and under what conditions did the first written monuments of Crimeans appear? Since when did Christianity and Islam spread in Crimea? Who were the ancestors of the Crimean khans, and how was the Giray dynasty born? When were the national symbols of the people and their rulers approved and what significance did they have? What did the concept of religious tolerance mean for Crimean Tatars, and how did it influence state policy? And also, how did other indigenous peoples of Crimea the Karaites and Krymchaks were formed? I wanted my book to be the answer to these frequently asked questions, ”wrote Gulnara Abdulaeva.

Any feasible help will be a great support, and the book will have a chance to see the light. Transfers to a bank card in the name of Gulnara Abdulaev: hryvnia monobank 5375 4141 0108 0744 dollar monobank 5375 4188 0464 5158. Yandex.koshelk 4100112610837808 works for residents of the Crimea and the Russian Federation

Recall that Gulnara Abdulaeva is the author of the books “The Golden Age of the Crimean Khanate” (2012), “Battles from the History of the Crimean Khanate” (2013), and the historical novel “Shagin Girai” (2008).

Author: Редакция Avdet