The Russian court upheld the verdict for Sevastopol Seitosmanov: 17 years in prison


Judge of the Russian Military Court of Appeal Anatoly Solin upheld the Crimean activist Enver Seitosmanov’s sentence of 17 years in a maximum-security colony.  

This was told by lawyer Emil Kurbedinov. 

The advocate explains that the meeting was in the form of a tripartite video meeting. In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, Emil Kurbedinov was in court in Simferopol, Enver Seitosmanov was in Rostov-on-Don, and a judge from the Military Court of Appeal was in the Russian city of Vlasikha (Moscow Region).

“In general, according to the reform of 2019, a separate military court of appeal was created precisely to make the judicial system of Russia more clean and transparent, however, as the current process has shown, his prison term was not reduced for even a single month. This indicates the absolute politicization of Russian courts, ”explains Kurbedinov.

He noted that Enver Seitosmanov participated in the trial in a T-shirt with the inscription: “Crimean Tatars are again under the gunpoint.” The meeting was a closed one; the audience was not allowed into the courtroom in Simferopol

Author: Редакция Avdet