Famous Crimeans in Turkey


The Crimeans who moved to Anatolia after 1783, whose children and grandchildren sometimes happens don’t know anything about their origin, took a definite place in all spheres of the country’s life – from art to politics, from industry to sports.

For example, two well-known writers Aziz Nesin and Cetin Altan. The second of the Turkic writers nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature, after Yashar Kemal, was the famous Cengiz Dugji, who now lives in London, who gives a panorama of life and events of Crimea in his novels. Among female writers, this is Sevinch Chogkum.

Among the first in the world of music, the names of the Crimean people Esin Ezgin, Orhan Genjebay, Erol Evgin, Yildiz Ayhan, Erol Buyukburg, Nesrin Sipahi, who received world fame soprano Remzie Tanrykulu are remembered. In the world of cinema, it is Djuneyt Arkyn and Kartal Tibet.

The names of Professor Jevat Girai, Advisor to the Prime Minister for Economics, Professor Ahmet Kılıçbai, former Governor of Istanbul, the late Fahrettin Kemal Gekay, Professor Kemal Karpat, Professor Halil Inaldzhik and Professor Ilber Ortayla are widely known in the world of science. News businessmen Fevzi Akkay, Erdogan Demiroren, Ilyas Chokai, owners of Ulker confectionery firms Sabri and Asyl Ulker, tennis player Ferdi Tayan, fashion designer Faise Sevim, chairman of the Eskisehirspor sports club Aydin Begiter, footballer of the Sarsher club Fikra athlete. .. The list goes on.

In the field of politics – executed during the revolution on May 27, 1960 (and now rehabilitated), one of the leaders of the Democratic Party of Turkey, the Minister of Finance, the famous Crimean Hassan Polatkan. The energetic deputies during the last two sessions of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, who also held ministerial posts, were Jemal Buyukbash, Kemal Gekchora, Nuri Uzel, Munir Sevinch. One of the dynastic heirs to the Crimean throne, the current Minister of Defense of Turkey, Ismail Safa Girai, should not be forgotten. Among the former ministers are Dr Ahmet Ihsam Kırımlı, Ahmet Mahir Ablum, the founder of the Social Democratic Party of Turkey and its first chairman, Jazmi Kartai, the first chairman of the Ahmet Nusret Tun True Way Party, and others.

Today, about 5.5 million people from the Crimea and their descendants live in Turkey. They live mainly in the cities of Eskisehir, Polatli, Istanbul, Bursa, Mersin, Denizli, Adana and their environs. The vast majority of them, although they remember their origin, consider the Republic of Turkey their homeland. But there are many young people who, although they were born and raised in Turkey, yearn for the land of their ancestors and declare that, if the opportunity presents itself, they will return and settle in Crimea.

From the Tempo Magazine (Istanbul), No. 26  June 23-29, 1991, p. 16

November 15, 1991

Author: Редакция Avdet