Can I wash my hair with clay? Yes, if this clay is Crimean one!


In the old days, Crimean Tatars used kil instead of soap and shampoo – the Crimean bentonite clay, which is found in Crimea. Its other name is Kefekil, that is, “Kil from Kefah (Theodosius).”

Women used a kil to destroy dandruff, to give hair shine and silkiness: after washing their hair, they watered their hair with water infused with kil. Keel absorbs fat very well. For the Crimea, where there was always a lack of fresh water, this clay became a find: it could also be washed in salty sea water. The Crimean Tatars also washed the fleece with a kil, used it for medicinal purposes (for poisoning, skin diseases, radiculitis, burns) and as a patch. They even brushed their teeth (previously the clay was calcined).

Kel – Krimean clay. In the days of the Crimean Khanate kil was one of the main exported goods of the country. Back in the 17th century, the traveler Evliya Chelebi wrote that “oily greasy clay used by wealthy people instead of soap” is taken out from the peninsula.

Author: Редакция Avdet