In the Crimean mountains scientists discovered large reserves of underground freshwater


This was reported by the press service of Sevastopol State University (SevSU).

The research was conducted by scientists of the university along with experts from the Crimean Agricultural Research Institute. As it turned out, large volumes of high-pressure underground freshwater with a temperature of 80–85 degrees Celsius migrate through a network of tectonic faults at depths of 900–1100 m. Such water flows exist at shallow depths: from 350 to 500 m.

According to Nikolai Kovalev, head of the research laboratory of the North-Siberian State University, candidate of technical sciences, the uniqueness of these underground waters lies in the fact that they are formed by the so-called “natural desalination plants” with intensive evaporation of the seawater coming to them.

Scientists believe that groundwater can be obtained through a large network of through tectonic faults near settlements in need of water.

“This approach was confirmed during the performance of geological exploration in 2019 by scientists from the Scientific Research Institute“ Agricultural Crimea ”and SevSU,” the experts noted. Scientists believe that the problem may be the high cost of drilling wells. However, there are areas in the Crimea where high-pressure underground freshwater flows from the lower aquifers to the upper ones (to depths of up to 300 meters and less).

Author: Редакция Avdet