US ambassador to OSCE reminds Russia whose Crimea


The US ambassador to the OSCE, James Gilmore, during an online meeting of the Permanent Council of this organization on June 11, recalled the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin that Crimea is part of Ukraine. Thus, he again called on Russia to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine? return Crimea under the control of Ukraine.

“In 2008, President Putin himself said that“ Crimea is not a disputed territory … Russia has long recognized the borders of modern Ukraine. ” This was said in 2008. In accordance with the Helsinki Final Act, Russia is obliged to comply with the principle that borders cannot be changed by force and that it will not seize or usurp any territory of the participating state, ”Gilmore said in a statement posted on the website of the US Mission to the OSCE. He again pointed out that “Russia must stop repressing against those who oppose its [occupation], release the unjustly imprisoned Ukrainians and regain full control of the Ukrainian peninsula.

Author: Редакция Avdet