Findings Aisha Yunus: When I ask my grandmother to talk about life in deportation, she only cries quietly…


The happiness of the whole world is not worth a single tear on the cheek of an innocent child. This classic phrase comes to mind when you read the stories of the criminal deportation of 1944. Then thousands of Crimean Tatar children overnight became orphans. Here is one such story from our Instagram reader.

In the photo – Elamie, Merzie and Sabri Zuferov from the village of Khojalar. During the deportation, they were all small children. The oldest was 12, and the youngest was not even 5.

In distant Uzbekistan, children were brought with their mother, but in the first month of her life in a foreign land, she fell ill with malaria and died. Their father passed away before deportation. So, the three kids become orphans. At first, they lived with relatives, after which they ended up in an orphanage.

And then there were the difficult years of growing up without parents, hunger, deprivation and difficulties. Little Elamia sometimes had herself to eat and hide bread in order to share it with her brother and sister.

“Usually grandma doesn’t talk about these years, only occasionally shared with my mother before. And when I ask her to tell about it, she only cries quietly. It was really hard – only she knows, ”the author of the story wrote.

Despite all the difficulties and hardships, all three orphans learned, mastered the profession and stood on their feet. Elamia returned to her homeland only in 2002. Now, in her 80s, she is helping to educate her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Author: Редакция Avdet