Finds by Aisha Yunus: What Crimean Tatars Can Be Proud of


Finds by Aisha Yunus: What Crimean Tatars Can Be Proud ofEach ethnic has its own pride. So we asked ourselves: what did the Crimean Tatars give to the world? A rather big (and we are sure – completely incomplete) list came out. Here’s what we got (who is too lazy to read – see the infographic):

Zyngyrly Madrasah is one of the oldest educational institutions in Eastern Europe. It was built in 1500 by order of Khan Mengli I Gerai. The theologians who came from this madrasah were known throughout the world.

Bakhchisaray Khan’s Palace is a unique monument of history and culture of global significance. It is covered with legends and immortalized in the works of poets and artists.

Khaitarma is an ancient dance, without which not a single Crimean Tatar wedding can do. The melody of the same name is known all over the world. It was used in their works by Spendiars, Glinka and other composers.

Chebureks is an original Crimean Tatar dish that has gained immense popularity and has become one of the catering hits in many countries.

“Terjiman” – the newspaper founded by Ismail Gasprinsky, in fact, became the first print publication in the entire Muslim world. Subscribers of the Bakhchisarai newspaper lived everywhere: from Egypt and Bukhara to Xinjiang and Kazan.

Kuresh is a traditional type of sport fighting among the Crimean Tatars and a number of other Turkic nations. UNESCO included it in the list of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

Kandil Sinap – apple variety bred in Crimea. Its productivity and taste impressed scientists and travellers. It was awarded a large gold medal at the Paris exhibition of 1891.

Shish kebab is a meat dish known to many nations. But everyone recognizes that it owes its name to the Crimean Tatars.

Ornek is an ancient Crimean Tatar ornament in which each curl and petal matter. In 1925, lace with an ornate received a medal at an international exhibition in Paris.

Barak is a legendary breed of shepherd bred by Crimean Tatars. It is distinguished by beauty, speed, cunning and ferocity. Officially, the breed is considered lost, but, in fact, its direct descendant is the South Russian Shepherd.

Author: Редакция Avdet