The statehood of the Crimean Tatars – the way to resolve the Crimean crisis


Many experts are sure: the solution of the Crimean crisis is impossible without the full restoration of the rights of the Crimean Tatar people, including the right to self-determination. It turns out that if earlier the restoration of the rights of the indigenous people of the peninsula was necessary only for him, now the whole world needs it.

Recently, a member of the Mejlis, Ali Khamzin, noted that the restoration of the statehood of the Crimean Tatars should be “an indispensable condition for the state, which will include Crimea,” and the countries guarantors of the Budapest Memorandum are obliged to contribute to this.

All the political forces of the people, including the pro-Russian, agree that the statehood should be restored. This was stated by both Milli Firka andSeitumer’s “Social Council”. Nimetullaeva.

It was only in the “ Kyrym ” movement of Remzi Ilyasov that there were statements to abandon this idea. “The idea of ​​national statehood is losing its meaning, and a new idea is becoming relevant, which can unite around itself all the Crimean Tatars living in Crimea. This idea is simple: the Crimean Tatars are Russians! ”, Said Murat Yazydzhiyev, a member of the presidium of the movement, recently. 
However, another member of the Kyrym presidium, Dilshad Ilyasov, sharply condemned his colleague, saying that he had no right to speak on behalf of the organisation. “I believe that our people are still striving for statehood,” said Ilyasov.

In this case, the rest of the population of the peninsula do not need to be afraid of this process. All the allegations that the Crimean Tatars will discriminate others if their right to self-determination is respected is nothing more than a propaganda trick. It has been explained many times that the indigenous people need this to stop the existing discrimination against them and only. However, their neighbours either do not hear this or do not want to hear, year after year, giving rise to discussions based on their fears.

“We are not saying that this autonomy is necessarily called“ Crimean Tatar ” one. Just in this republic, there should be a mechanism for protecting the legitimate rights of the indigenous people. First of all, the language of the indigenous people should be one of the functioning official languages. Crimea. Moreover, as it was before the deportation, adequate representation of the indigenous people in the structures of power should be ensured, but now there is severe discrimination. So, of course, measures have been taken to protect the culture, language, and historical values ​​of the indigenous people. “There are no privileges for the Crimean Tatars in this autonomy, and we will be against any privileges since any privileges on a national basis lead to the degradation of the people, ”said the leader of the Crimean Tatars Mustafa Dzhemilev in 2011.

Recently, in the light of another active discussion on this topic in Ukrainian society, Dzhemilev almost completely repeated his words. In my opinion, everything is fair and civilised.


Author: Редакция Avdet