An interesting project about Crimean Tatars have been launched on Youtube


Talented producers Fatima Osmanova and Eldar Halilov have started a new documental project in a form of live documentary series about Crimean Tatars named I’M CRIMEAN TATAR / Я КРЫМСКИЙ ТАТАРИН.

The characters of the project are musicians, journalists, producers, actors – people of different professions from Lviv, London, New York, Kyiv, Warsaw, Prague – from all over the world. Despite the fact that this project has just been started, it has already received a lot of positive feedbacks. And it is because of the great reputation of its authors.

“Talented couple of Fatima Osmanova and Eldar Halilov has realized its long-standing aspiration connected with a series of documentaries about Crimean Tatars. Any project made by Fatima and Eldar has such a sign of quality for me. But essential this is that all their works have enormous social influence and importance!” – wrote ex-deputy minister of communications policy Emine Dzheppar on her Facebook. 

“Projects produced by Eldar Halil and Fatima Osmanova are original and interesting as usual!” – a journalist Zarrina Vaappova convinces.

The first program deals with the comedian, one of the authors of the texts for “Kvartal 95” studio, “Good night club” resident and screenwriter of the film “Infogolic” Bekir Mamediev who nowadays lives in Kyiv. Avdet reported about him after his victory on the “Make ’em laugh” show. 

Author: Редакция Avdet