CANLI Radio have recorded a new audiobook in Crimean Tatar language


On September 3d CANLI Radio presented a new audiobook on a classical piece of Crimean Tatar writer and social activist Asan Sabri Ayvazov “Annecigim, nerdesiñ? Kel!” (“Where are you, Mummy? Show up!”).

“At the beginning of the 20th century, Crimea got through the famine. We have a few materials and information about this tragic period of Crimean’s history, but while studying this topic we can see incredible hunger rates. This is a story of a little girl whose parents died, after that, she appeared at Simferopol orphanage house. Soon that orphanage house was dismantled and for a little Shadie really difficult times had started. Will Shadie be able to survive and find a way out of that despair? About all of that will know our listeners” – said Najie Femi, leader of the project and founder of CANLI Radio. 

The novel was voiced by a famous Crimean Tatar producer and actor Elmar Ablayev. While working under the audiobook the team managed to save the original dialect of Crimean Tatars living in the South of the peninsular and the owner of which the author of the novel was. Eskender Asanov worked as a sound producer of the book. 

Writer, publicist and translator, teacher and public activist Asan Sabri Ayvazov (1878-1938) – one of the brightest representatives of Crimean Tatar intellectuals of the previous century. Along with a lot of Crimean Tatar writers, poets and scientists, Asan Sabri Ayvazov became a victim of the Stalin regime and repression. The soviet government blamed him for spying sentences him death by firing squad on April 1938. You can listen to this audiobook here or here.

Author: Редакция Avdet