Тew community cannot be created by suppressing the will of another ethnic community


Тew community cannot be created by suppressing the will of another ethnic community. They blame them with ease, but at the same time they find it difficult to explain   

On the eve of February 23rd, many civic activists again received a “warning” message    

From 19 to 23 February, some Crimean Tatar activist did receive several paged and strange bumf called “Warning about the unacceptable violation of legislation on countering extremist activity and violation of legislation on assemblies, meetings, demonstrations, processions and picketing” from the local district prosecutors.

As you know, back in the 1960s, participants in the Crimean national movement, our older generation of fathers and grandfathers, who fought for their return to their historic homeland, were “awarded” with the then-obscure name “extremist”. In fact, it is rather was a praiseworthy certificate, some honorary title conferred for significant contributions to the cause of national revival. And today, we can clearly see that this accusation, which has become as prestigious as the title half a century ago, has resumed as a tradition. It again indicates a positive assessment of the activities of our activists. With the only difference being that with the terrible scoop, there was no formal article in the criminal code for him.

According to the prosecution, this title, it turns out, is worthy of wearing: Zaire Smedlyaev (Kurman-Kemelchi-Krasnogvardeisk), Dilyara Seytveli (Bahchi saray ), Refat Seytabla (Dzhurchi- Pervomaiskoe), Nariman Dzhelyal (Akmesseszhit – Simferopol district), Zevget Kurtumer ( Sak), Zeynur Yakub (Kezlev – Yevpatoriya), Lenur Ablyazimov (Edi Kyuyu – Lenino ), Shevket Kaybullaev, E mine Avamileva, Lenura Yengulat (Akmescit – Simferopol) and some of our other compatriots.

The first to receive this “letter of happiness” was Dilyara Seitveliieva, she received such a “warning”:

“According to the information of law enforcement bodies, the supporters of banned in the Russia NGO” Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people “on the territory of Bakhchisaray district from 23 to 26 February prepare stocks of extremist nature, aimed at destabilizing the situation in the republic, unauthorized mass events (meetings, single pickets, rallies) using radical and nationalist symbols, dedicated to the anniversary of the death of the first mufti of Crimea N. Chelebidzhikhan, “Day of Crimean Resistance phenomena of the Crimean occupation”).

During these events, it is planned that the present people will call for illegal actions to violate public order, provocations of an extremist nature, and resistance to representatives of authorities.

According to the information available in the prosecutor’s office, you are a participant (organizer) of these mass events.”

Then the warning regarding the legislation of the Russian Federation comes in: they say, should be like this, then like this and this, the procedure here as oh-something, that’s so-and these requirements have to comply with this, and so on. The “lecture” and “explanation” stated on three pages culminate with threats:

“I WARN you about the inadmissibility of violation of the requirements of Art. Art. 1, 10, 16 of the Federal Law “On Countering Extremist Activities”, as well as Art. Art. 5, 6 of the Federal Law “On meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets.”

In case of failure to comply with federal laws, you will be held liable in the manner prescribed by regulation under Art. 20.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation .”

The signature of the deputy district prosecutor’s office follows.

A similar warning was delivered to the author of these lines through the district prosecutor’s office itself. After I left my signature on this official document, I was asked to to write an explanatory letter. Naturally, I refused.

When reading the “caution”, I had questions, and I asked the prosecutor. Among them:

– why in the document the spelling of the word “Crimean Tatar” (origenaly “Crimeantatar”) does not correspond to the grammatical rules of the Russian language and the practice that existed until 2014, when this adjective was written together, and now, an unexplained, clearly politically motivated version, even as if with intent to insult, is written with dividing two terminological ethnic components with a hyphen? (no answer ) ;

– for some reason, in 2015th and 2016th  public activists of Simferopol were unconditionally denied of permission to hold mourning rally in commemoration of 18th of May – all four places which   were especialy prepared for such events were “occupied”; and after this unreasonable refusal, all those who signed the application to the city executive committee received “warnings”? (no answer, no explanation) ;

– What do you mean by “using extremist and nationalist symbols” – our national flag, coat of arms or anthem? (answer: no, not that, the Mejlis, it turns out, has “its own” symbolism, but which one I cannot answer ) ;

– like how a few dozen or several hundred people who would gather to honour the memory of N.Chelibidzhikhan, indoors, in the hall, even if on the street, can “destabilize” the position of another, the majority of the population – as many as a couple of million people? So in about, all law enforcement’s bodies in total, including the prosecutor’s office, ( approx add in here a few tens of thousands of military personnel) do not have confidence that they can locate the action of any peaceful action in the case, as they say here, of  “emergency”?  Isn’t it an insult to the people in the uniform who have almost unlimited resources and opportunities, to doubt their ability to appease any gathering of a few dozen “armed” at most with plastic bottles of people who are not allowed to gather?

– are there no more important matters in the prosecutor’s office than wasting time, money, material resources on writing and trips to present these standard pieces of paper repeating well-known things?

The conversation went a bit beyond formal lasted about an hour and a half hours. My lecture about the history, position, status, goals (national revival, government, and others) of indigenous people of Crimea, and the reaction of prosecutors shows that the propaganda, that the Russian central state and local media, to put it mildly, tightly biased media – both in the past and today – are massively raining down on people, reaching their goal.

Unfortunately, some of our compatriots are watching these TV shows without noticing them, not even sweetened, overtly poisonous fillings. But that is a topic for another time.


Author: Редакция Avdet