How is Crimean journalism doing?


On June 6, in Ukraine, journalists celebrate their professional holiday. In the recent past, this day was significant in the Crimea. Usually, on the day of the holiday, representatives of the authorities awarded journalists (although in itself a phenomenal fact) various honorary titles. But to become a recognized journalist, no rewards are needed. We congratulate our colleagues and at the same time offer to speculate about the fate of the fourth power in the Crimea today.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that, despite their provincial status, Crimean journalists were not inferior to their colleagues in the central media. In Crimea, the media worked not only in different styles and orientations but also in competitive national journalism. Scandals, intrigues, investigations – it was all about Crimean journalism of the 2000s model. 

Now in the Crimea, journalism – with its fundamental principles – does not exist. No one will turn to call Crimean journalism the fourth power. But not so long ago there existed both the Center for Journalistic Investigations, which was not afraid to publish the results of the most daring investigations and political talk shows, in which dishonest officials were taken to clean water. Calling any official and getting the right comment was easy. It would seem that Crimea was already getting used to the role of journalism in society, because often representatives of the authorities were even frightened by journalists, and ordinary residents turned to them for help. But there was a powerful rollback, and the media for a long time lost their right to be the “fourth power”.

Over the past five to six years, the number of media in the Crimea has declined markedly. Immediately after the events of 2014, a number of publications, radio stations, television channels were closed, including the first Crimean Tatar ATR stopped broadcasting in the Crimea. Today this channel broadcasts from Kyiv, but barely makes ends meet, balancing between life and death. Most of the former employees of the channel, who created and developed it initially, did not leave their homeland. Instead, they created a new product, which became the largest project in the Crimea: not only news content is created here, but also cultural, historical, educational materials. Various projects appear on the site: Khalide Fashion, Psychologist’s Advice, Lawyers, Meanings of Life, etc. 

In order to survive, some media had to change their name. For example, the newspaper “Voice of the Crimea” for the Russian registration has become known as “Voice of the Crimea new ”. Newspaper ” Yany Dunya ” lost its chief editor Zera Bekirova because someone did not suit her frequent trips abroad. The Kyrym newspaper, as before, barely survives.

Many famous and venerable journalists of the Crimea have created their projects. For example, the first editor-in-chief of the Crimean Tatar radio ” Meydan ” Nadzhie Femi founded the online radio “CANLI”, proved herself as a talented producer, creating online lecture courses of famous Crimean scientists “Ders”. Former editor-in-chief of the publication “Arguments of the Week – Crimea”, ex-correspondent of the newspaper Kommersant -Ukraine Zair Akadyrov, who, by the way, passed the endurance test, having survived searches, interrogations and receiving warnings, chose the path of a blogger. On his YouTube-Channel “Pro Crimea” out interesting reviews of living in the Crimea, his accounts in social networks are always full of beautiful photographs. Blogging has attracted not only his attention. The famous journalist Lenur Yunusov, together with his wife, former correspondent of the Avdet newspaper Aisha Yunusova, created a very interesting, and most importantly informative product – two blogs on social networks (mostly on Instagram ) The QIRIM (where they tell about interesting and little-known facts from the history of Crimea and Crimean Tatars) haber_teber (dedicated to the modern life of Crimea and Crimean Tatars, has an entertaining focus).         

Well-known television reporters who worked on the once-only Crimean Tatar channel “ Kyrym ”, which at the time were called luminaries, had to completely change the scope of activity. So, Arzy Selim became a cosmetologist, Shevket Ganiev realized his artistry and ability to stay, becoming the leader of solemn and official events.

Crimean Tatar journalists in Ukraine also successfully realized themselves. Journalist Elvina Seitbullaeva became a distinguished journalist of Ukraine.

The Avdet newspaper, as you already know, had to reduce its circulation to 999 copies in order to save itself and switch to the Internet format. And even though we have to say a lot about what we would like to talk about, let us be criticized by representatives of different views, we will confidently and faithfully follow the chosen path and try to stay with our people as long as possible. The benefit of the work is still a lot, and we have something to write about while staying away from propaganda.  Timur TARPAN

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Author: Редакция Avdet