The owners of the retail outlets on the Ai-Petri plateau will not allow Crimean authorities to demolish their cafes


According to the owners of the buildings, the rally in defense of business on the Ai-Petri plateau will gather together not only them, but also the staff – more than 800 people who work on the plateau as drivers, salesmen, waiters, as well as suppliers from the neighboring villages.

One of the owners of the Redvan cafe has told “Novaya Gazeta” newspaper that they want to demolish his facility along with many others, because they are not fundamental structures, but they are and the owner has all the documents to prove it.

“My position is the following: if they want to demolish it – I’ll let them do it. I’ll die under the ruins” – Redvan said and noted that this cafe is the only thing he has.

Entrepreneurs say that they have all the necessary documents of both Ukrainian and Russian types.

It is to be recalled that the head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov gave an instruction to take a decision and to demolish all retail facilities located on the Ai-Petri plateau before November 1.

Author: Редакция Avdet