Edem Bekirov told about exporting him from Crimea to Moscow


On August 27, Crimea Tatar activist Edem Bekirov was released from the remand center immediately after a session of the court and was taken to FSB agency. After that, he was put on the “Simferopol-Moscow” plane.

As Edem Bekirov said, he spent two weeks in Moscow living in a safe house under doctor’s care. “After the court session, (On 27 August – editor’s note) a judge went to the jury room and was absent for an hour and a half. Then he came and read out a verdict: to release under obligation to be present at the court session. I was shocked as my lawyers were, Aleksey (Ladin – editor’s note) didn’t understand what had happened. I thought that after being released I’d go to my Mum.  I left the courtroom and was brought to a van. We went to FSB. A detective came out, gave me my passport and said: “Sign here to confirm its receiving”. Then we went out of there and I noticed that we were going no to the remand center but out of the city. I said to them: ” Don’t you confuse the road? I know Simferopol very well. He (officer of the FSB –  editor’s note) answered, that we were going to Moscow”, –  told Bekirov.

Edem Bekirov came to Moscow by a civil aircraft. After departure he was given an opportunity to call relatives and lawyers and disclose the whereabouts.

“I asked whether a had a choice not to fly to Moscow. They said that it wasn’t a negotiation and I didn’t have a choice. We got on a plane on the “Simferopol-Moscow” scheduled flight – two doctors, officers of the FSB and I. In Moscow once again we got in a van and went to the safe house. Where it was and at what place I didn’t understand. I wasn’t told anything there but under the supervision of the doctors. They gave me a chance to contact my relatives and inform them about my whereabouts.  I had to do that because of my daughter and Ladin who were searching for me. I spent there two weeks relaxing and waiting, – explained Edem Bekirov.

Due to his words, Bekirov heard about the prisoner exchange on TV. “I was watching television, some Russian channels. When I saw Putin and Medvedchuk on the Forum I understood that something should happen. A little bit later more open information about the exchange appeared on TV, I heard about sailors and understood that we are preparing for an exchange, – said Bekirov to “KrimRealii.

It should be mentioned that on 7 September, Ukraine and Russia exchanged prisoners: 35 to 35.

Author: Редакция Avdet